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Event DJing

Elevate your event with a soundtrack by Lux Sound.  We have performed for a wild and diverse range of events.  Art gallery openings, non-profit fundraisers, weddings, African balls, fashion shows, birthday parties, block parties, outdoor festivals, we have deejayed them all and are excited to bring out the best in your event! 
Want to make sure the music is exactly your taste?  We build playlists together on Spotify or any streaming service.  Once you feel good about the playlists, we will curate your music into exciting mixes that are blended perfectly.  It is all about playing the right song at the right time.

Recording & Producing

Creativity is King! Lux Sound is here to help you produce and record your music with an emphasis on unique and expressive sounds. The digital recording era has made home recording equipment affordable, but artists have lost the opportunity to focus on what really matters - songwriting, musicianship and innovation. Lux Sound can help you with your creative process and handle all the technical aspects of audio engineering, so you can relax and create.

We also provide original music and sound design for art installations and film projects. Have an idea for a sound art project? Please contact us. We are excited to help your ideas be full realized.

Sound Engineering

Lux Sound can provide sound reinforcement for your wedding or private event band.  We work hard to create a quick, balanced, monitor mix during sound check and make sure your band is sounding great for the audience.  We work closely with event managers and clients to ensure your performance and professionalism is second to none.

What Our Clients Have to Say...

Great music, great atmosphere, great job!

Jeremy did a great job DJing our wedding! He was super accommodating, easy to work with, and answered any questions we had before the big day. At the wedding, he provided the mic and sound for our officiant and did a great job making announcements for the first dance, food, etc. During the reception, he read the crowd, curating the playlist we put together perfectly and adding in other songs that he knew would fit the mood. His lighting set up was fun too, it added a great glow to the dance floor. All in all, we would definitely recommend Jeremy to anyone who loves music and is looking for a great DJ!


Lux sound was a fantastic no-hassle DJ!

Jeremy of Lux sound made our wedding come to life with a smooth blend of both contemporary and classic funk options! His beats kept everyone dancing and kept the party going all night! No dull songs! Best of all he was professional and on-time, never had to worry once about the sound. Great stress-free choice! Highly recommend!


Charmed DJs; Personable, Artistic, Professional

Deep cuts. A charming approach to the turntables. An extensive vinyl collection with digital to fill out pretty much any sound experience you are looking to have. We definitely recommend you include this duo in your ceremony. Jeremy and Robin were a delight to work with and get to know through the process of our ceremony, and it's great to see them around town now when we occasionally do. They are definite artists with the right amount of professional and personable attributes to plan and work together with. Have fun with these folks, you'll be glad you got to work with them!

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